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Divota Projects and its team have successfully completed and/or been involved in various health and medical projects across Australia, including:


  • Medical centres

  • Day surgeries (ophthalmic, endoscopy, laser eye vision, ENT, etc.)

  • Theatre construction

  • Specialised consulting and treatment rooms (ophthalmic, endoscopy, laser vision, ENT, dentist, dermatology, etc.)

  • Specialised medical clinics (dentist, etc.)

  • X-ray and imaging centres

  • Radiotherapy, LINAC Bunkers and CT Rooms for our cancer treatment clients

  • Physiotherapy practices

  • Engaged as head contractor by both architects and clients directly

  • Design and construct as required

  • Planning knowledge in accordance with AusHFG (Australasian Health Facility Guidelines)

  • Planning knowledge in accordance with BCA (Building Code of Australia)

  • Planning knowledge in accordance with the NCC (National Construction Code)

  • Liaise and engage with external consultants as required

  • Complex live site exposure and the ability to work harmoniously alongside sensitive environments

  • Compressed/tight construction programmes

  • Project values $50,000 to $7,000,000

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We respect our clients privacy and have not published their contact details and specific project information on our website. Please note that client references and specific project information can be supplied, however only following a written request from an interested party.

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